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毛利族国王运动(又称金蒂亚纳运动)自成立以来已经完成了将近一个世纪,今天仍然是毛利族活动的一个非常重要的组成部分。今天坐在这个位置上的领袖碰巧是第六个在君主统治的基础上获得这个享有盛誉的帝国的人。毛利人王国的存在已经代代相传,克服了对政府威胁要占领这片土地及其权威的恐惧(Ward et al., 2013)。《王提阿那》的年表显示了毛利人国王运动的历史,也显示了导致波塔托成为毛利人王国第一位国王的所有事件。今天,国王是由王后特·阿泰安吉卡胡领导的,她主要由卡惠·阿里基和特·卡玛鲁阿支持。后者恰好是一个由12人组成的委员会,是kaumatua的一个传统机构(Lewis-Smith, 2013)。

After having completed almost a century from its establishment, the Maori King movement (also called as Kingtiana) exists today as a very important part of the Maori activities. The leader who sits on the position today happens to be the sixth person to get hold of the prestigious empire on the basis of the monarchical rule. The existence of the Maori kingdom has passed on to the generations and has overcome the fear of the government threatening to take hold of the land and the authority on it (Ward et al., 2013). The chronological list of the Kingtiana shows the history of the Maori King movement and also displays all the events that led to the naming of Potatau as the first king of the Maori Kingdom. Today, the kingtiana is headed by Queen Te Atairangikaahu who is mainly supported by Kahui Ariki and Te Kaumarua. The later happens to be a council formed by the presence of twelve people and is a traditional body of the kaumatua (Lewis-Smith, 2013).

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另一方面,一些卡惠阿里基人被发现与各种基督教会有联系。今天,在这场运动中发现的最重要的工作和慈善机构是由当地社区代表组成的Runanganui部落理事会。1975年,为女王的英国和欧洲之行筹款。在此期间,有一些团体帮助形成了这场运动。第一组是泰努信托委员会,负责对他们没收的土地进行赔偿(McNae & Vali, 2015)。第二个是Poukai委员会,他们过去经常在国王的周围组织忠诚聚会。运动的第三部分是Te Pou O ‘ magatawhiri group。它是基于Turangawaewae Marae。第三部分的工作是组织日常工作,争取获得必要的财政援助,从而提供获得所有设施和支付重要功能的成本(Akinola & Liverpool, 2013)。

On the other hand, some of the individuals of the kahui Ariki are found to be associating themselves with various Christian churches. Today, the most significantly working and benevolent institute found in the movement is Runanganui tribal council which is constituted with the delegates from the local communities. During the year 1975, there was a fund-raising for the queen’s trip to the United Kingdom and Europe. During the period, there were some of the groups that helped in shaping the movement. The first group was Tainui Trust board that used to do the administration of the compensation of money for the lands confiscated by them (McNae & Vali, 2015). The second one was the Poukai committee that used to work for staging the very frequently happening loyalty gatherings all around the Kingtiana. The third part of the movement was Te Pou O’ magatawhiri group. It was based on the Turangawaewae Marae. The third part worked with the task of organising the routine work and tried to gain the requisite financial assistance thereby providing for getting all the facilities and paying off costs for important functions (Akinola & Liverpool, 2013).