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最近,一直有一种关于使用核武器的争论。虽然许多人认为核武器增加了世界上的安全困境,但许多人接受并赞赏使用核武器对维持世界人民的生活是有益的。许多人都同意这样一个事实,即在若干情况下,核武器已成功地促进了世界的国际和平。已经查明,核武器已导致危机局势的减少,并增进了世界的和平。同样的一些例子可以从联合国和苏联在冷战时期的案例研究中得到。在这个研究领域有很多讨论。在这篇文章中,讨论的重点将是核国家条约,以遏制世界上的威胁,维护全面和平。In the recent times, there has been an argument related to the use of nuclear weapons. While it has been argued by many that the nuclear weapons have increased the security dilemma in the world, a large number of people accept and appreciate that the use of nuclear weapons has been useful in the maintenance of people in the world. A lot of people have agreed to the fact that under a number of circumstances nuclear weapons has been successful in enhancement of international peace in the world. It has been identified that the nuclear weapons have led to the decrease in the situation of crises and have increased peace in the world. Some of the examples of the same can be drawn by taking the case studies of United Nations and USSR during the times of cold war. There has been a lot of discussion in this field of research. In this essay, the discussion will be focused on the treaties for the nuclear states in order to deter the threats in the world and preserve the overall peace.

申请文书 :使用核武器的争论

因此,可以说,核武器已经导致了世界和平与安全的增加。由于核武器的存在,许多战争得以避免。全世界都对核武器感到恐惧,正是这种恐惧及其后果的影响使这个国家无法谨慎对待任何形式的核攻击。疯狂的结果是,如果另一方攻击这些国家,这些国家肯定会受到攻击。由于有确保反击的倾向,这个国家永远不会想自己发动核攻击。此外,由于核武器,世界上有一个和平的条件,因为那些总是试图战斗,不介意拖平民参加战争的国家不得不放弃。核武器在世界上造成了一种恐惧,这种恐惧导致世界出现和平和安全困境的减少。在本报告中,对与核武器有关的条约进行了讨论。有人提出,核武器已导致世界上核攻击的减少。Thus, it can be stated that the nuclear weapons have led to the increase in the peace and security in the world. Because of the nuclear weapons, a number of wars have been prevented. The world has the fear of nuclear weapons and it is this fear and the impact of consequences that is preventing the nation from being prudent to any kind of nuclear attacks. As a result of MAD, the nations have been assured of an attack if another party attacks them. Because of the tendency of having an assured counter attack, the nation will never want to initiate the nuclear attack on its own. Also, because of the nuclear weapons, there is a condition of peace in the world as the nations who always tried to fight and didn’t mind dragging the civilians for the war had to give up. Nuclear weapons have created a fear in the world and this fear has led to the emerging peace in the world and the reduction in the security dilemma. In this report, the discussion has been done on the treaties related to nuclear weapons. The arguments were raised that nuclear weapons has led to the reduction of nuclear attack in the world.