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该研究的审查是由工程师管理的,以应对悉尼不断增长的压力,并使港口植物学更有效地运作。城市拥堵和交通瓶颈可以通过将货物从公路转移到铁路来解决,从而减少延误和成本(Todo et al., 2014)。将继续发挥公路货运管理的重要作用。然而,随着铁路使用量的增加,悉尼和新南威尔士州的道路将大大缓解日益增长的压力。如果能够做到这一点,就可以积累许多与总体生活质量、生产力和效率相关的好处(Gokhan and poor, 2010)。如果工程师能更有效地分配货物,就会有更高的生产力和更低的成本(Stadtler and Kilger, 2008)。



圣文森特山大学 :货运配送系统

Despite the potentiality of the Moorebank intermodal terminal to improve the transport network between Sydney and other cities, there has been increases in the bottlenecks, air pollution, urban congestion, bottlenecks and other costs of freight and thus lowering productivity
The Moorebank intermodal terminal located at the critical hub for rail freight and vital road was considered to be the critical element of the transport network. It also has the potential of creating thousands of jobs.
The transportation between Sydney and other big cities takes place through rail and road. Currently, the distribution system of freight is operated radically from the area of Port Botany that has been a busy locality, where the freights travel by road that adds to the jamming of the key routes such as the Highway of M5/Hume. It increases bottlenecks, air pollution, urban congestion, bottlenecks and other costs of freight and thus lowering productivity.
The engineers in tackling Supply Chain issues found out the focus on rail network to reduce the pressure on the road networks.
The potentiality of the rail network has been deciphered by the engineers.
Role of engineers in tackling Supply Chain issues
The examination of the study is the managing by the engineers with respect to the pressure that has been growing on Sydney and enabling the Port Botany functioning more effectively. The urban congestion and the bottlenecks of traffics can be handled with transferring the freights to rail from the road that reduces the delays and the costs (Todo et al., 2014). There will be continuance of the roads playing an important role to manage freight. However, with the increase of use of rail would be able to relieve considerably the growing pressure on the Sydney and NSW’s roads. If this can be done there are number of benefits that can be accrued in relation to the general quality of life, productivity, and efficiency (Gokhan and Needy, 2010). If the distribution of freight is more efficient made by the engineers, there result would be greater productivity and reduced costs (Stadtler and Kilger, 2008).
The mounting pressure on the Sydney roads can be tacked by growing emphasis on the rail networks.
The engineers added value to their service with addition of topography and size, nearness to transport corridors, and nearness to origins and destinations to the major container and industrial centers.