Assignment First


尽管我有积极的独立思考能力和尝试新事物的意愿,但我明白我不应该忽视时间的价值,而应该根据专业情况来处理我的想法,强迫自己做出反应。另外,我需要提高我处理信息的能力,因为目前我对信息还没有一个了解。当任何任务不符合我的兴趣时,我不应该立即开始再治疗,就专业而言,我明白我可能会被迫接受我不能适当享受的任务(Furnham, 2009)。因此,我应该专注于保持我的专注,同时在困难的时候也保持同样的专注,我应该承认我需要帮助,而不是恶化我自己的素质。高水平的目标导向和责任心有助于预测领导技能和工作绩效。这对我个人成为一家律师事务所成功合伙人的目标非常重要。我的高水平的目标导向有助于展示我的自我效能感和实现目标的信心。然而,我的责任心较低,这是一个包含可靠性和准备的属性,表明即使我有能力实现我的目标,但我缺乏组织技能。由于律师需要组织能力来进行研究和满足最后期限,这成为我的专业发展的一个重要领域(Boyle et al., 2008)。


数学代写 :自我的开发领域和可执行策略

Irrespective of my positive ability for thinking on my feet and my willingness to try out new things, I do understand that I should not be ignoring the value of time, while I should be processing my thoughts to compulsively respond in accordance with professional situation. Also, I need to make improvement on my ability for processing information as currently, I do not have an understanding about it. I should not initiate immediate retreatment when any task does not fit my interest, as in terms of professionalism, and I understand that I might be forced for undergoing tasks in which I am not able to enjoy appropriately (Furnham, 2009). Hence, I should stay focused on maintaining my focus, while following the same during difficult times, and I should do by admitting my need for assistance, rather than deteriorating my own quality. High level of goal orientation and conscientiousness help in predicting the skills of leadership and job performance. This is significant to my personal goal to be a successful partner in a company of law. My high level of goal orientation helps in demonstrating my self-efficacy and confidence for the achievement of my goals. However, my low level of conscientiousness, an attribute encompassing reliability and preparedness, indicates that even though I have the capability to achieve my goals that is lack of organizational skills in me. As lawyers require skills of organization for conducting research and meeting deadlines, which becomes a significant area for the development of my profession (Boyle et al., 2008).
Referring to the SMART criteria, it is realistic for me to develop my inferior learning skills by the time I finish university, as I am continuing to learn and am able to experiment and change throughout my educational journey. My key objective is to never deteriorate my quality in my career and hence, and I will always focus on improving myself.