Assignment First

  本篇温哥华代写-场外衍生品讲了衍生品是金融市场不可或缺的组成部分。它们是用来降低风险的。衍生品定价也存在高风险,因此应该有办法将市场中衍生品交易过程中的风险最小化(Bernanke, 2006)。除此之外,人们发现过去有许多公司为了自己的个人利益而滥用衍生品的概念。因此,公司需要制定政策,以确保在这一过程中风险降到最低。本篇温哥华代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Asset value that has been fixed for the derivatives are likely to change based on the brand image and the perception associated with the product. In this case there is high probability for the products to be overpriced (Singh and Basurto, 2008). This leads to the people to pay more for their derivatives.

  Derivatives are functionally only if it is executed within a certain time frame. If they fail to execute within the time frame the investors can lose their investment in full. There is also a situation where these derivatives can be used as scams. In the case of derivatives there are a number of factors that are used for the pricing of the security. There is not a single standard process or processes that are use dot understand the nuance of the derivative pricing (Singh and Basurto, 2008). This leads to a situation where the derivative pricing has a lot of risks involved.

  From this it can be construed that derivative are integral for the financial markets. They are used to minimize risk. There is also high risks involved in the derivative pricing owing to this there should be ways to minimizing risk involved in the process of dealing with derivatives in the markets (Bernanke, 2006). Apart from this a number of companies in the past have been found to misuse the notions of derivatives for their own personal gain. Owing to this the companies need to develop policies to ensure that the risks are reduced to a minimum in this process.

  These factors of minimizing risk of the derivatives have been probed in detail in the following.