Assignment First


  美国国际集团(AIG)的崩溃及其随后得到美国政府救助的背景是2008-09年最具争议的金融危机。美国国际集团的文化是参与高风险的投资,很少关注私人投资者对公司的关注,这导致了危机和无法控制的市场和投资(Ferrell, Fraedrich和Ferrell, 2013)。这个例子为企业提供了一个重要的教训,让他们在行为上保持道德上的坚强,并在进行了全面的利益相关者分析后采取每一个行动,因为他们是AIG所有行动的直接受害者。AIG缺乏完全的透明度,盲目自大,高估了自己的业务决策,并在这个过程中给小投资者造成了数十亿美元的损失。


  1. 具有良好道德背景的企业往往会将更多的临时客户转变为永久的长期消费者。与竞争对手相比,这类企业拥有营销优势,而且可能不得不减少支出以获得消费者。

  2. 通过私募股权、债务、股票、股票和有才能的员工,他们很容易就能获得更多的投资者关注和持续的投资。这些公司据说拥有最低的流失率(法雷尔和法雷尔,2009)。


  4. 由于不道德的行为会破坏企业的声誉,因此企业的声誉很高,而且还在不断增长。股票价格将是稳定的,并逐渐增长,较少受到外部因素的影响,这些因素很容易影响不道德的企业。

  5. 法律和监管机构可能会为道德健全的企业提供激励。


  The collapse of American International Group (AIG) and its subsequent saviour support by the US government came in the backdrop of the most controversial financial crisis of 2008-09. The culture of AIG was to be involved in high risk taking investments and give less heed to the concerns of private investors in the company, which led to the crisis and inability to control the market and investments (Ferrell, Fraedrich and Ferrell, 2013). This example provides a significant lesson for businesses to be ethically strong in their conduct and take each action after conducting a thorough stakeholder analysis as they are the direct victims of all actions of AIG. AIG lacked complete transparency and overestimated their own business decisions by being arrogantly blind and in the process causing losses of billions of dollars of small investors.

  Some of the best benefits of an ethically sound business are:

  1. Businesses with good ethical background tend to convert more temporary customers into permanent long term consumers. Such businesses have marketing advantage over the competitors and may have to spend less to acquire a consumer.

  2. They readily and easily get more investor attention and investments on a consistent basis through private equity, debt, shares, stocks, and talented employees. Such companies are said to have the minimum attrition rates (Ferrell and Ferrell, 2009).

  3. Employee morale is very high and they in turn convert this into result oriented productivity. Employees feel obligated to be transparent, productive, and loyal to the business.

  4. The business reputation is high and growing as unethical behaviour will destroy the reputation. Share prices will be stable and grow gradually with less impact from external factors to which the unethical businesses are easily impacted.

  5. Legal and regulatory authorities may provide incentives to ethically sound businesses.