Assignment First

  本篇温哥华代写-管理会计与财务会计的比较讲了管理会计报告包括从财务会计报告中收集的信息,并将这些信息与外部信息和估计值混合,以对一系列事件作出决策。这有助于管理层做出大量的决定,如购买或作出等。然而,财务会计报告通常被外部用户用来作出有关在实体投资更多或出售其股份的决定。然而,这取决于公司的财务业绩。本篇温哥华代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Co-ordination is one of the aspects of managing the plans well and achieves targets. The manpower and the resources are needed to be sued and diverted to the rightful places. All the concerned departments and divisions would be required to be consulted and opinions be sought as to how the resources can be best used. This would help the management accountants make changes to the long-term policies and advise the management to make necessary changes to meet the goals.

  2. Provide an explanation of comparison between management accounting and financial accounting emphasizing the different needs served by both.

  Management accounting is quite different form financial accounting in terms of the nature of accounting basics are concerned. The elementary differences are in the way that information is used by both systems:

  While the financial accounting system is engaged in the work of keeping books, management accounting has no role in book keeping. However, it uses the information’s collected by the financial accounting department.

  Financial accounting is engaged in the process of preparing books of accounts which would then be converted into statutory financial statements that are required to be published for the benefit of the shareholders and other stakeholders. Management accounting on the other hand is not engaged in any external reporting work (Atrill, 2013).

  While financial accounting is aimed at ensuring that IFRS and GAAP requirements are fulfilled, the management accounting ensures that reports are made for the purpose of internal consumption only. Financial statements are prepared as per laid down formats following IFRS, but management accounting reports are just does not follow any format and would need to be made for the managerial personnel.

  The management accounting reports include information collected from financial accounting reports and mix the same with outside information and estimates to make decisions on a host of events. This helps the management take a large no of decisions like buy or make etc., however, financial accounting reports are used generally by the external users to make decisions regarding investing more in the entity or sell their stake. However, this depends upon the company’s financial performance (Wittman, 2011).