Assignment First

  本篇温哥华代写-企业营销策划讲了由于Comvita主要专注于健康和健康相关的产品,即使在经济形势好的和不好的时候,它也会让消费者购买这些产品。这是因为健康始终是人们的第一要务(卡拉汉,2013)。Comvita的品牌溢价使该产品相对于竞争对手的产品至少有20-50%的优势。首先要对Comvita的竞争市场进行研究。因此,应该根据预算制定企业营销计划。本篇温哥华代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Corporate marketing planning

  As Comvita focused mostly on health and wellness related products, it made the consumers buy the products even during good and bad economic times. It is because health is always the first priority of people (Callaghan, 2013). The brand premium of Comvita gave the products at least 20-50% edge over the products of the competitors. A research should be conducted in the very beginning to analyze the competitive market of Comvita. Thus a corporate marketing plan should be formulated according to the budget.

  Corporate strategy

  The corporate strategy of a business consists of how a value is created about a particular product in the midst of all other competitors selling the same type of product. A proper competitive strategy helps the business to generate profits in the long run (Wu, 2011). A company like Comvita focuses mainly on harvesting and maintains the natural essence of all the honey related products. The medicated version of the honey products gives it an edge over the competitors. The corporate strategy of Comvita is focused on product excellence more than the customer service.

  Types of corporate strategy

  There are mainly four types of corporate strategy that can be used for a company like Comvita. They are known as growth strategy, global strategy, consolidation strategy and the cooperative strategy. The consolidation strategy is not applicable for Comvita as it is not planning to join other businesses into its own. The growth strategy is mainly focused on along with some importance to the global strategy of Comvita. The global strategy becomes important for Comvita as it wants to make its business gain international recognition.

  Product-mix strategy

  The product mix strategy of a business refers to the variation of products in a particular organization mainly for the sake of increasing the competitive advantage. In the year 2011, Comvita developed and produced about 120 products of natural health that includes honey related products, plant and fish oils, fruit and vegetable extracts and colostrums (Falconer, 2012). The range of Comvita products includes the health food, skincare products, health additives, medicated honey and beauty products. Some trademark products of Comvita include the Medihoney and two functional health foods like Synergy12 and Hunixa.