Assignment First

  本篇温哥华代写-现代社会与传统社会讲了现代社会基本上注重个人主义,而传统社会则信奉集体主义。变革和技术是受欢迎的,而不是被视为威胁。坎贝尔讨论了三个重要的方面,它们形成了今天的现代社会。现代性是大规模生产进步的结果。二是市场营销在现代性中扮演着重要的角色,三是信用的发展(Campbell, 2005)。有学者认为,传统社会中不存在经济。但是,人们的经济生活已经被社会地位所包围,也受到了社会生活规则的制约。本篇温哥华代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Modern society basically focuses on individualism as contrast to traditional society which believed in collectivism. Change and technology are welcomed and not seen as threat. Campbell has discussed three key aspects which significantly formed the modern society of today. The modernity is a result of the progress of mass production. The second aspect is that marketing plays an important role in modernity and third is the development of credit (Campbell, 2005). According to scholars, the economy does not existed in the traditional society. But, the economic life of people had been surrounded within the societal position and had also been subjected to regulations of social life.

  Thus, the modern society has come with the advent of capitalism. It is predictable that the capitalism had degraded many old traditions and ethics of the traditional society. The modern society in the present time shows that every individual wants to move ahead and to accumulate more and more wealth and money (Thompson, 1991). This is in contrast to the traditional societies, where the people were less competitive on the whole.

  Three Major Aspects of a Modern Society

  The three major transformations that have emerged with the occurrence of modern society include progression in economy, advent of globalization and evolution of a welfare state. Each aspect has played a vital role in contributing towards the improvement in the social order. The following details will provide the general idea of all three aspects. With the development and progression of capitalism, many believed that this would degrade the values, traditionalism and morality of the society (Thompson, 1991). But, the modern capitalist society, which is known today, is not intrinsically bad. The people have achieved freedom and independence, which was not possible in the past. In the traditional societies women were strictly restricted to the domestic atmosphere and could go out and work. The women had little or no opportunities or self-independence or development. They had no role in any job or work. Most of the girls were trained mentally and physically to simply get married and to take care of family and children. Their major role was to be a mother. The bread winners in the society were men and women and children were completely dependent on them.