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An emphasis is laid on the prevention of conflicts as per the evolving conflict agenda of the World Bank that reflects an interest in the links between natural resources and the conflicts. The World Bank’s Conflict Prevention and Reconstruction Unit and the Development Research Group collectively started to define a research project that addresses this issue in 2002. With the development of the Governance of Natural resources project the emphasis moved towards the adoption of practical approaches and policies which can be adopted by the international community.

The government finds it very difficult to reduce the spending on the military and thus the peace dividend is proved as elusive. There is exploding seen in the rate of violent crimes that adversely affects the people and the climate that attracts investments in the developing countries. The fight on capital issues keeps on increasing due to the unpredictable behavior on the local, private and even foreign investors.  The rate of prevalence of epidemics and diseases is quite high in the countries than the pre war times. It takes the time of even decades for the human and social capital to get recovered that got destroyed during war times. Only few cases are seen in which the social progress has gained success due to successful rebellions. These successful rebellions had led to the downfall of regimes that are oppressive and predatory.  The personal and family interests easily dominate the governments of the developing countries in these economies there is little concern for the national interests mainly for the longer period of time for the interest of the nations as a whole. The good governance system in the developing countries comprises as the important component of the bilateral aid program. The relationship structures are diverse and complex between the non- government organizations and the various other companies as each side showing deep distrust towards each other.