Assignment First



当被要求讨论与工作环境有关的更多细节时,屏幕作者说他对交互式讲故事非常感兴趣,因为这里的故事线并不是很固定,很令人兴奋的是,看到什么样的故事讲述会出现。以一种更令人耳目一新的方式编写原始脚本,是脚本作者(Mernagh,2011)的工作中不断的压力。然而,有一个写作过程是有帮助的。x先生使用的写作过程是为团队开发一个开发的大纲。一旦开发出的轮廓被投票,那么它就被制成了屏幕播放。他们给x先生和团队的大部分写作时间通常是每周5天,每天6 – 7小时。然而,没有固定的时间安排,有的时候会是晚上8点到下午4点,有的时候会很晚,拖到深夜。


On being asked about the significance of his work, Mr.X replied that, the screenwriter is the voice of the film or play. They need to write scripts that engage a large number of onlookers and evoke emotions to the person viewing or reading it. The artists acting in the play or films develop their temperament, character and moods from the script written by the scriptwriter. The scriptwriter typically works in the preparation before the film recording and in the postproduction stage. In the preproduction stage they must be able to produce précis of the play. The screenwriter must also write the screenplay required in the film or play. This assists the people involved to create the visual element from the writings. After recording they must be able to make changes to the play based on any new necessities of the director, subeditor or the producers. Doing all this, the scriptwriters should also be able to collaborate and work amicably with all the members involved likes the director, makers etc. These elements of script writing makes it more than work, it is a way of life, in a style of speaking.

When asked to discuss more specifics with relation to the work environment, the screen writer stated that he was very much interested in interactive storytelling as here the story lines are not really fixed and it is exciting to see what kind of story telling would emerge. Writing original scripts in a more refreshing way is a constant pressure in the work of a script writer (Mernagh, 2011). However, having a writing process helps. The writing process that is used by Mr.X is that of having a developed outline for the team to purview. Once the developed outline is voted, then it is made into the screen play. Most of their writing schedules for Mr.X and the team are usually five days a week, and six-seven hours a day. However there is no fixed schedule of the time, it would be 8AM-4PM on some days and others it would start really late and drag into the night.