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Golembiewski等人(1996)指出,有一些情感和身体因素不能包括在操作定义中或分阶段进行。Schaufeli, Maslach和Marek(1993)指出,工作环境中有许多表现出倦怠的因素。第一阶段表现为发音困难症状。工作倦怠的确切影响见Maslach职业倦怠量表


因此,工作绩效的结果可以分为个人层面和组织层面。在专业层面上,员工有一种无助、冷漠的感觉。他们开始产生怨恨情绪,导致他们无法达到目标。在组织层面,有一种个人关系丢失的感觉(Demerouti和Bakker, 2008)。这给公司带来了一系列问题。他们失去了竞争优势,导致更多的员工离职,当员工高度疲劳时,公司无法维持。这些都是公司员工过度疲劳的一些后果。公司管理层试图想出办法来解决员工的职业倦怠。

学术论文代写 :员工职业倦怠的讨论分析

Golembiewski, et al. (1996) states that there are a number of emotional and physical factors that cannot be included into the operational definitions or be phased. Schaufeli, Maslach, and Marek (1993) states that there are many elements of the burnout that manifest in the work environment. The first phase is showcased by dysphonic symptoms. The exact impact of the job burnout is seen in the Maslach Burnout Inventory
Oldenburg Burnout Inventory (OLBI) is another model that is used to measure the degree of exhaustion and disengagement. These theories points to the various impact employee burnouts would cause.
Hence the consequence of the job performance can be divided into personal level and the organizational level. At a professional level there is a feeling of helplessness, apathy by the employees. They start to develop feelings of resentment that leads to them to not meet their objectives. At an organizational level there is the feeling of personal relationship that is lost (Demerouti and Bakker, 2008). This leads to a number of issues for the company. They lose their competitive edge, causes more employee turnover and the company cannot sustain when there is high level of employee burnout. These are some of the consequences of this employee burnout in the companies. Company’s management tries to devise ways to address the employee burnout.