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2015年12月19日,Peter Martin在“悉尼先驱晨报”上发表了一篇名为“MYEFO:Easy,但我们必须确定预算”的文章。该文章还重点介绍了稳定预算的重要性。经济而不是过度依赖债务部分。在各种研究中已经观察到,如果经济陷入过度负债的情况,那么唯一的解决办法就是缓慢和研究;没有捷径。政府还需要考虑到这样一个事实,即恢复经济所采取的任何措施都不应影响就业和经济增长的总体目标。立即削减政府支出并不是减少其债务部分的最佳解决方案;这样做会导致公众对政府的希望降低。降低债务部分的最佳方式是关注增长的整体经济;当经济增长时,政府会收取更高的税收,以负责偿还债务部分。然而,在当前全球所有经济体相互联系的经济环境中,对一个经济体的影响肯定会对与之相关的所有经济体产生影响。因此,许多经济学家建议建立一个自我可持续的经济体,任何全球危机都不会对国家的经济表现产生严重影响。从澳大利亚目前的情况中可以得知的是,国家的预算必须设定为政府不必经历一种情况,即在支出方面有更多的义务,而且在它可能产生的收入条款。

学术论文代写 :政府预算中的债务分析

The article named ‘MYEFO: Easy does it but we’ve got to fix the budget’ by Peter Martin published in ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’ on December 19, 2015. The article also focuses on the importance of having a stable budget in an economy and not relying excessively on the debt component. It has been observed in various studies that if an economy is stuck in a situation of excessive debt, then the only solution out of it is slow and study; there are no shortcuts. The government needs to also take into consideration the fact that any steps which it takes to recover the economy must not impact the jobs and the overall objective of economic growth. Cutting out on the spending by the government right away is not regarded as a best possible solution to bring down its debt component; doing so results in lower hopes from the government by the public. The most optimal way to bring down the debt component is to focus on the overall economy of the growth; as and when economy grows, the government collects a higher tax which would take care of repayment of the debt component. However, in the current economic environment where all the economies all across the world are interconnected, an impact on one economy certainly has an impact on all the economies associated with it. Hence, it is advisable by many economists to have a self-sustainable economy wherein any global crisis does not have severe impact on the economic performance of the nation. What one could learn from the current situation of Australia is that the budget of the nation must be set in a way that the government does not have to go through a situation wherein it has more obligations in terms of its expenditure and a very limited sources in terms of the revenues it could generate.
In conclusion, it could be said that the prosperity and the long-term survival of the economy is dependent on how the government decides to formulate its budget. Having a component of debt in the budget is quite explainable as the government does not have ample amount of funds for the purpose of investment. However, in situations wherein the government completely relies on the debt component for its expenditure and with a limited amount of sources for revenue, it becomes a serious issue for the entire nation. Hence, it is advisable that all the nations must manage their debts.