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我在课堂上和工作场所见过来自不同文化背景的人。我能理解尊重文化的重要性,我也不想无意中冒犯来自另一种文化的人。如果我不学会理解和理解不同的文化意识形态,这可能会成为一个更大的问题。根据学术定义,文化是由于该地区的信仰和习俗而发展起来的情感和实践的反映。在当今全球化时代,有许多种文化在一起工作(Jackson, and Rasheed, 2016)。两家公司有必要共同努力,以确保它们的生产效率。对于这类公司,则发现采用霍尔研究和霍夫斯特德文化模型。利用这些理论,公司能够了解一个人的整体宏观环境文化,并采取措施,确保他们不意外地冒犯那个人。Hofestede文化的维度是个人主义与集体主义(Jackson, and Rasheed, 2016)。有些文化更注重社会中个人的发展,而有些文化更重视集体主义观念。权力距离指数在不同国家的管理层级中存在差异(Samovar, Porter, McDaniel, and Roy, 2015)。在这种情况下,当一个来自高度个人主义国家的公司在一个集体主义倾向很高的地方经营时,应该努力在这两个因素之间取得平衡。这将提高生产率,并确保在此场景中保护所有利益相关者的利益。霍尔斯同样指出,在单色文化中,更重要的是处理一些任务,而在多色文化中,将有多个任务的管理。这表明,在制定商业战略之前,公司需要设计一个包含文化所有重要方面的战略(Jackson, and Rasheed, 2016)。总之,公司里所有的人都需要共同努力来提高生产力。在跨文化交流的情况下,文化的本土价值不应该被冒犯,应该有一个有效的策略来促进公司之间良好的沟通(Samovar, Porter, McDaniel, and Roy, 2015)。这将要求各公司在未来取得全面进展。这些因素也会让我在工作环境中生存下来。

学院论文代写 :个人对文化理论模型的讨论分析

I have seen people from many cultures in the classroom and also in the workplace. I can understand the importance of respecting culture also i do not want to accidentally offend a person from another culture. This could become a even bigger problem if I do not learn how understand and be empathetic of the different cultural ideologies. According to the academic definitions culture is the reflection of sentiments and practice that develops owing to the beliefs and customs of the region. This seems quite agreeable There are many kinds of cultures that are working together in the current globalized era (Jackson, and Rasheed, 2016). There is a need for the companies to work together to ensure that they are productive. For this companies are found to use Halls research and Hofestede culture model. Using these theories the companies are able to understand the overall macro environmental culture of a person and take measures to ensure that they do not accidentally offend that person. The dimensions of Hofestede culture are individualism vs. collectivism (Jackson, and Rasheed, 2016). Some cultures give more focus on the individual development of the people in the societies whereas in some cultures more importance is given to the collectivistic notions. The power distance index is found to vary in the managerial hierarchy in different countries (Samovar, Porter, McDaniel, and Roy, 2015). In this situation when a company from a highly individualistic nation operates in a place where there is high tendencies for collectivism there should be efforts taken to strike a balance between these two elements. This will enable in better productivity and ensure that all the stakeholder interests are protected in this scenario. Similarly Halls stated that in a monochromic culture more importance will be given to handling some tasks and a polychromatic culture there will be multiple management of the tasks. This shows that a company needs to devise a strategy that encompasses all the important facets of the culture before creating a business strategy (Jackson, and Rasheed, 2016). To conclude all the people in the companies needs to work together to enhance productivity. In the case of cross-cultural communication the indigenous value of the cultures should not be offended there should be an effective strategy that facilities good communication between the companies (Samovar, Porter, McDaniel, and Roy, 2015). This would entail in the overall progress of the companies in the future. I will also survive in the work environment owing to these factors 。