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建筑师伦佐·皮亚诺(Renzo Piano)设计的碎片大厦采用了一种非常圆锥的方式。设计的几何形状模仿了从工地经过的铁路线。一些元素是伦敦著名的,如教堂尖塔,帆船和他们的桅杆描绘在设计中。在Shard中观察到玻璃形式,它的灵感来自英国的许多建筑。玻璃的目的是确保玻璃窗格能够反射阳光。因此,从美学上看,这座高层建筑似乎与天空融为一体。在建设方面,考虑了许多开创性的步骤。

学院论文代写 :伦佐·皮亚诺设计的碎片大厦


学院论文代写 :伦佐·皮亚诺设计的碎片大厦

The construction of the Shard by the architect Renzo Piano followed a much tapered approach. The design geometry mimicked the railway lines that were running past the site location. Some of the elements are that London is famous for such as the church spires, sailing ships and their masts were depicted in the design. A glazing form was observed in the Shard which took its inspiration from some of the many buildings of the United Kingdom. The goal of the glazing was to ensure that the glass panes were able to reflect the sunlight. Therefore the tall structure would aesthetically appear to blend in with the sky. In terms of construction, there are many pioneering steps considered.

学院论文代写 伦佐·皮亚诺设计的碎片大厦

For instance, the foundations were primarily excavated by means of a top down method and then the first 23 storeys were built at a time. The pioneering step to build the 23 storeys at a time was in order to face a challenge. The hub was situated in a high population area and hence it would not have been possible to complete the storeys in phases. This was also considered as one of the largest concrete pour in the UK construction industry. It made use of the jump lift form of construction and was the world’s first inclined hoist. Cranes on slip forms were used here which is one of its kinds again. The structures were built in a tapered way. The first forty floors were built with composite steel frame structure, then post-tension concrete frame was laid out for up to the sixtieth floor. Up to the seventy second floor, traditional reinforced concrete frame was then laid out and then there was spire until the 87th floor which was made out of pre-fabricated glass like structures. The prefabricated glass like structures was of 11,000 panes in number and covers a total surface area of around 56,000 sq.