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  Zara的商业模式有助于给公司带来竞争优势。时尚的设计为客户提供独特的价值。这是一个拥有巨大企业价值的公司,包括自由、责任、完美、灵活性和对每个人的尊重。这有助于确保公司的雇主以一种专注的方式工作。此外,员工之间有一个自由的沟通,这为他们提供了一个轻松的生活方式。因为同样的原因,公司成功地使顾客满意,这最终导致了销售额的增长。Zara的另一个微观经济战略是建立一些位于中心的商店,这些商店有几个分散的功能集团。公司还聘请了年轻的设计师来满足人们的期望。Zara的管理是这样的,每一个设计都包括两名经理和两名设计师,他们可以专注于任何特定区域的所有门店(Churchill et al, 2009)。同时,Zara也非常小心地确保将环境可持续的做法融入其中。它不使用动物皮做衣服,而是使用可回收的材料和纸。该公司还成功地找到了新兴市场,并大力渗透到亚洲市场。公司使用的增长战略是以客户为中心的。公司更注重销售而不是客户服务。


  Thus from the above table it can be concluded that there are a number of factors which may impact the organization. Political factors are important to be considered as the company has politically established itself in a number of regions in the world. Economic factors also impact the company as the rate of inflation, changes in the taxes; interest rates etc. are some of the factors which impact the prices. Social factors are most important for Zara to consider as there are significant trends in lifestyle which have to be followed to live up to the expectation of the people. In the recent times, there has been a boon in the market of Zara as it has followed the changing trends of the people. A technological factor which may impact Zara is the use of digital technologies such as location based mobile technology.

  Mirco Environment Review of Zara

  The business model of Zara is something which is helpful in giving a competitive advantage to the company. The fashionable designs provide a unique value to the customers. It is a company which has huge corporate values which includes the freedom, responsibility, perfection, flexibility and respect for everyone. This helps in ensure that the employers of the company are working in a dedicated manner. Also, there is a liberal communication between the employees which offers them a relaxing lifestyle. Because of the same, the company is successful in making the customers happy which is ultimately leading to the increase in the sales. Another microeconomic strategy of Zara includes the establishment of a number of centrally located shops which have several decentralized functional groups. The company has also recruited young designers to live up to the expectation of the people. The management at Zara is such that each and every design includes two managers and two designers such that they can be dedicated to all the stores in any specific sections (Churchill et al, 2009). Also Zara has taken complete care to ensure that it incorporates environmentally sustainable practices. It doesn’t uses animal skin for making clothes and uses recyclable materials and paper. The company has also been successful in finding the newly emerging markets and has strongly penetrated into the Asian market. The growth strategies which are used by the company are customer centric. The company focuses more on the sales rather than the customer service.