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There are innumerable graph generation tools that are available in the markets today. Each tool provides more unique features and innovative designs to keep the users interested and to stand in today’s markets. Some of the more currently used graph generation tools are discussed here. These are tools that are useful for a wide range of stakeholders. However as highlighted in their discussions it was noticed that most of them have the academicians as a primary user.

The Sigma Plot graph tool has a very user-friendly Graphic interface. It enables easy visualization of data. The data that needs to be represented can be formatted and made into a number of innovative graphs. This innovation has made it popular in the current time. It basically caters to all the needs of many kinds of users in the current times. This is one of the reasons that this graph is a preferred tool for many. It is used for accurate depiction of data. The range allowed for errors is very less. In the current era where there is an inundation of graph tools, this tool is considered to be catering to the needs of the people exactly as the Sigma makes it easier for the person to work with the visual layout first. Unlike the command line interfaces, this tool has the advantage of enabling the user to visualize the formation of the graph in a real time setting. It has more than hundred different types of 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional graphs. It has dynamic curve fitting and aids in easy development of statistical data.  It can basically plot any methodical mathematical functions that have been devised so far. It has an easy import and export feature that makes this tool very durable and it has an ease of access about it. The sharing feature is a markedly good feature about this tool. It can be easily shared across the different OS platforms. It is used to computerize and automate routine tasks and helps in faster completion of data analysis. It also presents the user with some preformatted tasks that enables the user to quickly complete their analysis and present the data in a accurate fashion. It is truly a very functional tool.