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  中国通过“十二五”规划开展了一系列社会经济发展工作。研究发现,中国共产党是通过召开全国人大和中央委员会的全体会议来塑造经济的。中国特色社会主义的原则和基础,使我们党能够制定经济发展战略、改革方案和增长目标。“十二五”和“十三五”规划将重点发展电子商务。这使得政府支持著名组织中的初创企业和中小企业,以进一步塑造电子商务,并为中国人发展电子商务。各种组织都从这场运动中受益,发现另一个电子商务玩家,即中国的阿里巴巴,由于政府关注的增加而发展起来。然而,阿里巴巴已经形成了独特的商业模式,并通过电子商务平台向消费者提供广泛的服务和产品(Lien et al. 104-111)。大多数产品都是单独呈现的,因为潜在的附加利益并没有像微信所提供的那样交付给客户。政府关注电子商务的部分动机是为了发展和发展中国的经济。



  E-commerce development from Chinese government

  The economic development is the primary goal for the government of China due to which it is willing to take advantages of as many opportunities that can fulfil this objective (Zhan et al. 347-361). Hence, the government of China has initiated to support the internet and e-commerce that can improve the Chinese economy and develop the e-commerce across China.

  The series of social and economic development efforts are conducted through these five year plans by China. It is found that the Communist Party of China is responsible behind shaping the economy through undertaking plenary sessions of the national congresses and Central Committee. The principles and foundation of Chinese socialism has enabled this party to map strategies for the development of economy, reforms introduction and setting targets of growth (Crouch). The 12th and 13th plans of the governments focus on the development of e-commerce for China. This has led to the governmental support towards the start-ups and SMEs among prominent organizations to further shape the e-commerce and develop it for the Chinese population. Various organizations have benefited from this movement, it is found that another e-commerce player namely Alibaba in China has developed due to the increase in governmental focus. However, Alibaba has developed a distinct business model and provides with a wide range of services and products to the consumers along with e-commerce platforms (Lien et al. 104-111). Majority of the offerings are presented individually due to which a potential added benefit is not delivered to the customers as given by WeChat. Part of the motivation behind governmental focus on e-commerce is to develop and grow the economy of China.

  Several legislations were developed by the government to ensure the strong legal foundation for the e-commerce businesses that operate in China. The legislations is related to the encryption, payment system and secrecy (Morketing). The internet infrastructure of China is made up of four tiers that range from the governmental ISPs to private ISPs in order to ensure that each member is recorded within the system and that the state secrets along with political sensitive content is protected.