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英文论文润色 :日托项目的营销促销活动

就促销而言,接触消费者的最佳方式是通过社交媒体和门户网站进行促销活动。可以收到反馈,公司可以使用一种方法来确保他们满足目标消费者的需求,从而增加产品的销量(Kotler et al., 2015)。无障碍、关怀的保证、运营的透明度是为产品树立品牌形象的最佳途径。家长的推荐信可以附在推广内容中。可以通过社交媒体、智能手机应用程序和网站持续发布促销信息。这些因素对于为实践制定营销计划很重要。应该有水平和垂直的增长。

英文论文润色 :日托项目的营销促销活动

Promotional campaign for the project is found to be similar to any of the marketing context. It should be understood that the services cannot be easily replicated. There are more factors in play than the physical product. There are many parameters that are related to improve the service provider. There should be controlled delivery of the services.
In the case of the Day care there should be more focus given to establishing and communicating with parents. There should be accessibility and accountability of the care provided to the children. There should be assurance towards quality that the Day Care should strive to achieve.
The sample promotional budget has been showcased below that there can be an effective marketing promotional campaign that can be devised for under 50000 AUD. However, this is only a sample promotional plan with the budget.

英文论文润色 :日托项目的营销促销活动

In the case of promotions, the best possible ways of reaching out to the consumers is through having a promotional campaign that is focused on the social media and the website portals. There can be feedback received and the company can use a method of ensuring that they address the requirements of the target consumers in order to increase sales of the product (Kotler et al., 2015). Accessibility, assurance of care, transparency of operations is the best way to develop a brand image for the product. The parent’s referral can be attached to the promotional content. There can be consistent delivery of the promotional message through the social media, smart phone applications and through a website. These elements are important to establish a marketing plan for the practice. There should be horizontal and vertical growth.