Assignment First


虚拟团队一旦建立起来,就应该有合适的领导和方向,让团队实现公司的主要目标(Saafein & Shaykhian, 2014)。要做到这一点,就必须有一个有能力了解文化和人民的领导,有能力指导人民达到这一基本思想。应该有激励机制和正确的知识管理策略,以最大限度地提高员工的产出。


以Global software Development Company为例,他们希望将业务扩展到南非和毛里求斯(Tanner, 2010)。基于对当地文化的分析,瀑布式方法被认为是提高公司最高生产力的最佳方法形式。因此,公司决定创建瀑布式管理策略以获得最大的产出。为此,公司的领导或管理层必须考虑到当地团队的文化、技术意识和可用资源。

以汇丰银行(HSBC bank)为例,该银行由多家公司组成了一些小的职能团队。它们跨领域运作,以促进与不同利益相关者的沟通。全球管理团队负责这方面的工作。这家银行的主要目标是提高消费者服务的便利性,确保满足人民的需求。

英文论文修改 :虚拟管理团队中的领导挑战

Once the virtual teams have been established, there should be proper leadership and directions for the team to achieve the primary objectives of the company (Saafein & Shaykhian, 2014). To ensure that this happens, there should be leadership who has the ability to understand the culture and the ability of the people and direct the people to reach this primary ideology. There should be motivation and the right knowledge management strategy to extract maximum output from the people.
Maintaining the right leadership is a very difficult process for the company who is involved in the virtual teams . They can neither oversee all the operations, nor do they have the resources to continually have face to face conversations with the employees. There should be delegation and appropriate allocation of the tasks for the team members . Managing the team members from different geographical locations entails a good understanding of their culture and proposing the right motivation to direct the people. This is a very difficult task in reality.
In the case of Global software Development Company, they wanted to expand operations to the South Africa and Mauritius (Tanner, 2010). Based on the analyses of the culture of the place, it was deemed that the waterfall methodology was the best form of methodology that would enhance maximum productivity for the company. Hence the management decision was made by the company to create a waterfall management strategy for maximum output. For this the leadership or the management of the company had to factor in the culture, technical awareness and the resources available to the teams in the place.
In the case of HSBC banks, there are a number of small functional teams that had been divided by the companies. They operate from across the spectrum to facilitate communications with the different stakeholders. Global management team is responsible for this facet. The primary objective of this bank is to enhance expediency in the consumer service and ensure that the people requirements are fulfilled.