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组织风险较低的政策和程序往往是组织愿景和目标较差的原因。在任何情况下,政府都不能雇佣在其内部政策遵守方面较弱的承包商,而必须雇佣声誉良好的承包商,因为该承包商毫无疑问地遵守了所需的政策和程序(Miller & Lessard, 2000)。当确定的政策和程序执行得很差时,需要保持高度警惕,立即用认真和经验丰富的追随者取代不认真和不认真的追随者。对不断减少风险机会的所有实体来说,定期培训其遵守法律的情况是至关重要的。也就是说,质量评估小组必须毫不犹豫地报告不遵守情况。

项目管理风险——缺乏沟通,虽然看起来很简单,但在大型项目中可能造成致命的事故。为每个实体配备最新和相关的通信技术设备是一半,但在最需要的时候使用这些设备是另一半。这也需要广泛的培训,何时传递正确的信息,传递给谁,同时避免传递无回报的信息(Scally, 2012)。删除未回复的信息也很重要,因为它可能会增加机构之间的混淆。因此,设计合适的时间、质量和方法的信息流程图可以将管理风险降到最低。在完成如此大的工程项目时,它们成为了优秀质量管理的基石。

英语论文代写 :组织风险较低的政策和程序

Organisational risk–Poor policies and procedures are often the reason of poor organisational vision and purpose. The government, in no condition, must enrol a contractor who is weak in its internal policy adherence, but engage a contractor of superior repute shown by its unquestioned adherence to the required policies and procedures (Miller & Lessard, 2000). When the policies and procedures identified are poorly executed, strict vigilance is required that immediately replaces the non-followers and non-serious with the serious and seasoned followers. Regular training of its legislative compliance is vital for all entities that continuously minimises the chances of risk. That said the quality assessment team must never hesitate in reporting non-adherence.
Project management risk–The lack of communication, though looking simple, can create fatal accidents in large projects. Equipping each entity with the latest and relevant technical devices for communication is one half, but using those devices when most needed is another. This also requires extensive training, when to pass on right information, whom to pass on, and at the same time avoiding to pass on unrequited information (Scally, 2012). Deleting unrequited information is also essential as it may enhance confusion among agencies. Thus, designing the flowchart of information with its proper time, quality, and method can minimise management risks. They become the cornerstone of a superior quality management in accomplishing such large engineering projects.