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作业代写:Stephen Tindal的营销目标

这家位于新西兰的仓库由斯蒂芬·廷达尔(Stephen Tindal)于1982年创建。旗舰店品牌为Warehouse Stationery、Noel Leeming、Warehouse Group Financial Services和汤培7 Group (Parsons & Wilkinson 2015)。他们主要是一家折扣店,向消费者出售各种各样的产品。众所周知,他们为普通消费者提供广泛的服务和商品。如前所述,该公司的主要竞争对手是K-Mart, Briscoes,农民和超级便宜的汽车。该公司拥有强大的品牌形象和高消费者惠顾(帕森斯&威尔金森2015)。正因为如此,他们才在竞争中茁壮成长。然而,最近该公司的增长一直是多余的。本分析的目的是为公司制定新的营销目标,设计策略并解释实施策略所涉及的策略。这在下面的分析中得到了广泛的探讨。

通过SWOT、PESTLE和竞争对手的分析,制定了营销目标。有人为公司提出了提高销售额的明智目标。SMART是具体的、可衡量的、可实现的、相关的和有时间限制的(Chaffey, Smith, & Smith, 2012)的缩写。营销目标应该是具体的目标,可以导致公司的整体生产力和生计(Foxall, 2014)。



该公司的销售额下降了0.7%。他们需要为公司的扩张计划增加12%的销售额,特别是在国家的中等收入家庭群体(Chaffey, Smith, & Smith, 2012)。由于国内市场已经饱和,有人建议该公司应在亚太地区寻找替代市场。扩张的原因是靠近亚太地区的地理位置和该地区经济活动的大量增加(Bathelt, & Zeng, 2015)。因此,应该增加并集中注意亚太区域的其他市场。

公司往往在营销和促销成本上投入巨资。这些成本可以降低,以制定一个战略意识营销计划。公司的客户获取成本是指说服客户购买特定产品或服务所涉及的成本(Foxall, 2014)。




据了解,该公司提供了许多交易,并被认为是一个折扣零售商。然而,他们应该开发产品,并专注于在竞争中维持交易(Foxall, 2014)。


作业代写 :Stephen Tindal的营销目标

The Warehouse, New Zealand was created in 1982 by Stephen Tindal. The flagship brands of the store are Warehouse Stationery, Noel Leeming, Warehouse Group Financial Services and Torpedo7 Group (Parsons & Wilkinson 2015). They are primarily a discount store that sells wide range of products to the consumer. They are known to provide the average consumers with a wide range of services and merchandises. As mentioned earlier the chief competitors for the company are K-Mart, Briscoes, Farmersand Super Cheap Auto. The company has a strong brand image and a high consumer patronage (Parsons & Wilkinson 2015). Owing to this they have been to thrive among the competition. In the recent times however the growth of the company has been redundant.Purpose of this analysis is to frame newer marketing objectives for the company, devise strategies and explain the tactics involved for the implementation of the strategies. This has been probed extensively in the analysis done below.
The marketing objectives have been framed from the SWOT, PESTLE and competitor’s analysis. SMART objectives have been suggested for the company to improve sales. SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound (Chaffey, Smith, & Smith, 2012). The marketing objectives should be specific objectives that can lead to the overall productivity and sustenance of the company (Foxall, 2014).
This proposal is developed based on comparative analysis between the academic theories and personal observation of the results.
Increase sales by 12% for the fiscal year 2016-17
The company has been posting decline in sales of 0.7%. They need to increase sales by 12% for the expansion plans of the company with particular focus on the middle income family group in the nation (Chaffey, Smith, & Smith, 2012). Since the domestic markets have been saturated, it has been suggested that the company should look for alternative markets in the Asia- Pacific region. The reason for expansion is the geographical proximity towards the Asia pacific region and the prolific increase in economic activity in this region (Bathelt, & Zeng, 2015). Owing to this there should be increase and focus on the alternative markets in the Asia-Pacific region.
More often than not companies invest heavily in marketing and promotional costs. These costs can be reduced to develop a strategic awareness marketing plan. Customer Acquisition Cost for the company is the cost involved in essentially convincing a customer to buy a particular product or services (Foxall, 2014).
The company should look into ways to decrease the consumer acquisition cost thereby increasing the overall capital.
Develop more brand image for the company in the domestic markets and also in the other international markets. According to the SWOT analysis that was conducted it pointed out that Warehouse group has relatively lower brand image when compared to the counterparts such as K-Mart.
Hence the company should look to increase its brand image
It is known that the company provides a number of deals and is considered to be a discount retailer. Nevertheless, they should develop products and focus on deal to sustain among the competition (Foxall, 2014).
There is also high level of competition in the current times owing to this the company needs to ensure that they devise marketing objectives in lieu of this strategy.